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Top instant approval article submission sites list

Article Submission refers to an Off-page SEO Technique in which you have to compose an Article That Is Relevant to your Business or blog. Then Getting Them To be added to the popular Article Submission Directory. The Main Purpose behind Article Submission is to provide extensive information to the users and also, get traffic to your website.

Benefits of Article Submission

Article Submission is considered strategic marketing. In Article Submission We Create Unique Article For Our Readers along with Getting Backlink From the Article. Let’s See a Few Points Below About the Article submission Benefits.
1. Increase Your Business or Blog Brand Awareness.
2. Increase In Organic Targeted Visitors To Your Website.
3. Receive Backlink To Your Website.
4. Improve Your Site Ranking on the Search engine result page.

Key points To Be Considered While writing Article

  • The article Should Be Informative and unique To the Users.
  • Keywords should not be excessive in an article or By Doing So it will be considered as Keyword Stuffing.
  • The article Should Not Contain Grammar Mistakes (Or it will be considered as Low quality and undependable)
  • Article Length Should Be at Least Of 500 to 800 Words Per Article.
  • keywords should be included in Article Title As a result it makes it easy for Google Crawlers and readers to understand.
  • Adding Subheading, Numbers, Bullet Will Make the Article Easy To Read.

  Below is the List Of Article Submission sites with Instant approval

1. Wattpad: Wattpad is an Article Reading And submission Platform with over 40 Million Visitors. It’s a platform that allows users to submit high-quality articles. There are a lot of articles that you can read from Wattpad. If You’re Going to submit an article on Wattpad your website will be noticed by Wattpad readers and if they are interested, they will visit your web. Wattpad has a High DA:- Domain Authority of 92 and PA: – Page Authority of 73 which will give a higher boost for your web.
2. medium: medium Is an Open Platform for Readers and Writers with over 43 Million Visitors. Medium is a place to read and submit articles where the medium has Da:- Domain Authority of 95 and PA:- Page Authority of 83.
3. Blogger: Blogger Platform Provides you with a unique way to represent your website with a dot Blogspot sub-domain. Blogger is a free platform that provides you to Submit Articles that have a High DA:- Domain Authority of 99 and PA:- Page Authority of 80.
4. quora: A Platform Where You can Share your Articles, Unique Insight, or Even More. This platform allows you to share knowledgeable Content with Users or Visitors. Quora has a DA:- Domain Authority of 93 and PA:- Page Authority of 78.
5. Bored Panda: This Platform Allows you to Publish Your Article and Even More Bored Panda Has a DA:- Domain Authority Of 89 and Page Authority of 70.
6. Tumblr: Tumblr Is a service that allows you to Submit Articles, multimedia, and other content. Tumblr Have DA:- Domain Authority of 86 and PA:- Page Authority Of 100.
Here Is The List Of More Free Article Submission Website For You To Get Backlinks From
      NO                           Article Submission Website  List      Domain Authority:  DA
      1https://teletype.in                   58
      2https://github.com                   96
      3https://scoop.it                   92
      4https://dev.to                   79
      5https://sites.google.com                   97
      6https://discover.hubpages.com                   81
      7https://dailygram.com                   51
     8https://gab.com                   78
     9https://articlecube.com                   46
    10https://apsense.com                   72

Conclusion: In This Guide I Have Shared High Domain Authority Article Submission Site list.
You Can Use These Sites To Create High Domain Authority Backlinks For Your Website.If Any Link
Is Not Working Or Have Any New Article Submission Website Please Contact Me So i can Update
it.You can Also Check Our Other Link Building Article Like Profile Backlinks,
Social Bookmarking.

Note: Don’t Over Do It By Creating Allot Of Backlinks For Your Website , If You Do So Your
Website Might Get Penalized By Search Engines Like Google and Other For Creating Allot of
Backlinks.The Best Way to Create Backlinks Are Take it Slowly and Do Organically.


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